Supporting CCSW

“For thirty years, CCSW has depended on the prayers, giving, and sometimes time of the Lord’s people in Wales. We are most grateful to those who have given this support. The Lord has been faithful throughout this time in providing for the needs of the work, but never with anything to spare. We would now like to expand this important ministry further, but to do so, new support will be needed. Please consider whether you are able to help in any way, and if so, we would love you to get in touch.”  (Chris Hess, Chairman)

If you would like to support CCSW by prayer, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to request a regular prayer letter.

If you would like to support CCSW by giving your time and sharing your skills, then please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to ask for information on how you can get involved in the work.

If you would like to support CCSW financially, there are three options:

  1. Print off a form and forward it to the treasurer (Click for a copy of the Supporters Form)
  2. Contact Us through the website asking for details of how to give
  3. Use Everyclick to raise money as you surf the web or make a one off donation through Everyclick 


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