Sixth Form Conferences

Many schools find  it a challenge to fulfill their statutory requirements for RE at Key Stage 5 (the Sixth Form).  As result, many have turned to day conferences throughout the year which allow students to consider issues of faith.  CCSW is committed to helping with RE provision in the Sixth Form, and is involved in delivering three conferences.

CCSW is accredited to deliver the President for a Day Experience which has been developed by Damaris (click here to find out more about Damaris).  The conference is an interactive, multi-media experience giving the students the responsibility of running a fictional African country for the day!  The aims of the conference are to:

  • Consider issues of social justice and equality, wealth and poverty, and reconciliation and peace
  • Explore the interdependence of the world’s population and the importance of global citizenship
  • Take part in democratic processes and recognize the importance of participation
  • Explore the Bible’s teaching on wealth and poverty, and understand why Christians are motivated to be active global citizens
  • Understand the dilemmas facing leaders of all countries, but particularly those in the developing world
  • Discover opportunities for influencing global issues through participating in a diverse range of campaigns

For more information about President for a Day, click here.




‘A question of Faith’ gives students the opportunity to discuss and debate what they believe about God, the Universe and Everything.  It encourages young people to explore questions like: Is there a God? Can it be proved either way? Are Science & God mutually exclusive? Does it matter what we believe, as long as we do? And many more… The conference uses the excellent ‘Dare2Engage’ resources as a basis and encourages students to think about and express their own beliefs.

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