JAFFA – Christian After School Clubs

As fewer and fewer children have any contact with Churches, after schools clubs become a great way to introduce ‘the next generation to the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord’ (Psalms 78:4Open Link in New Window).  They are also a great way for Churches to support their local schools by helping to provide extracurricular activities.


JAFFA clubs are run by Christians in Primary Schools either during the lunch time or after school. They aim to teach children Christian principles and help them to understand that God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. 


Key benefits include:
Support and build relationships with your local schools
 Share Jesus with children who can’t attend Church at the traditional time
Encourages Christian children to form friendships with children from other churches
Encourages Christian children to feel confident about their faith
 The opportunity to use purpose built facilities 


Please contact CCSW if you would like some advice in setting up and running clubs like these.

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