For three decades the Christian Council for the Schools of Wales has been helping churches build bridges with their local schools.   Each year, many thousands of young people and children across the nation have the opportunity to learn about and respond to the Christian Faith in their places of education.


CCSW’s vision is: “To give every pupil in Wales an opportunity to explore the Christian Faith personally by inspiring and equipping others, through modelling, training and networking, by:

  • Cultivating links between schools and churches
  • Visiting schools (assemblies, lessons, Christian groups, etc.)
  • Resourcing schools
  • Supporting those in schools (teachers, pupils, parents, etc.)”


This year CCSW will:

make hundreds of visits to schools – leading assemblies, taking lessons, running Sixth Form RE Conferences, and building relationships.

support and establish many Christian Groups – some in the lunch hour, others after school, some in Primaries, others in Secondaries – always in schools!

welcome thousands of pupils for Church visits – giving pupils the opportunity to discover for themselves what churches are about and demonstrating what goes on there.

develop and suggest resources – that others can use to build bridges between churches and schools in their communities.

train others to further the work – both individually and in groups, delivered in partnerships and solely by CCSW.

network with many other groups – to ensure that the work is reaching as much of the nation as possible.  The vision is more important than the council!

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